Choosing a color scheme for a yoga studio involves more than deciding what color to put on the wall. The color scheme of a business creates a certain feeling for its customers. (more…)

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Yoga has become ever more popular and erupted into a huge business opportunity. There are over 6,000 yoga studios and about 36 million people practicing yoga in the United States alone. One report stated that North Americans spend around 3 billion dollars a year on yoga classes. They spend many more billions on yoga clothes, books, platforms, equipment, and yoga teacher training sessions. (more…)

The yoga industry has experienced a huge amount of growth worldwide in the last few years. This growth is due to the health awareness created by the yoga community. (more…)

Choosing a business name is very important. A business name is a primary factor for branding and marketing. (more…)

The biggest appeal of yoga is the harmony, peace, and well-being that it promotes. Unfortunately, yoga instructors may lose that peace due to administrative tasks. (more…)

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