During these times of pandemic and social distancing, it may seem that the industry of event planning is on the decline. Venues are closing and events of all types, from sports to the arts, are canceled. However, with this upheaval comes the necessity for change.

Virtual events are on the rise, thanks to technology making them easier than ever. And one day, in-person events will return. Because of these new challenges in event organization, event management software is being used more than ever before. (more…)

Is there anything worse than a meeting that could have been an email? Meetings with no clear agenda can feel unbearably disorganized. You end up leaving the meeting no closer to your goal and with no further clarity. (more…)

Starting a law firm is a massive endeavor to undertake. While it may seem like a minor concern to some, thinking of a suitable law firm name is paramount. The name of your firm will follow you wherever you go. It will be the foundation on which your reputation and credibility stand. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that the firm name is trivial and they wind up making mistakes. These kinds of mistakes can ruin your business. (more…)

More and more people are using the Zoom app these days. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon, even though the actual launch of Zoom goes way back to 2011. So, for many, this cloud-based video conferencing tool is still a bit of a mystery. (more…)

Technology is a marvelous thing that is always making our lives easier. This is particularly true for day-to-day tasks. We can simply depend on our computers or smartphones to do just about anything. You can look up information, check the forecast, connect with friends, and even book appointments online. (more…)