If you own a client-based business of some sort, then you most likely offer some services that require appointment scheduling.

Almost every type of business in the service industry needs its clients to schedule appointments, whether it be a doctor at a hospital, a therapist that needs to manage the appointments of their patients, a personal trainer, or a coach that wants to set up meetings with their clients.

In this article, we will take a look at the best free scheduling app options for your business. (more…)

Applications like Calendly and ScheduleOnce are very good for making appointments and schedules, and knowing how to use them can save you a lot of time. This article created by our team at Amelia will compare ScheduleOnce vs Calendly. (more…)

If you have ever had to deal with the inner workings of the administration of a salon, spa, or hotel, you know how important it is to have a salon booking system, and how it facilitates the management of reservations.


If you have a service business that has a website or you’re creating a website for one, then chances are you’ll need a booking system and if you have a WordPress website, then one of these WordPress booking plugins should do the trick.


Why not?

You’re in the age when technology makes our lives easier.

In the case of an appointment booking system, for the user, it’s easier than to spend time on a phone call and waste minutes of your life on something that can be done in mere seconds with a few clicks or taps on your smartphone.

For a business owner, a booking calendar plugin automates a good part of the administrative process of the business, making room for assigning time elsewhere.

Ok, so you want to use such a booking calendar plugin, right?


This is a comparative article about Calendly vs Acuity, but how did we get here to need these scheduling tools?

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to manage your time wisely. While you are trying to make and keep appointments with others, they are also trying to make and keep appointments of their own, and this can be challenging.

Usually, this simply results in an agreement never being reached and can include more time wasted on calls and messages than producing actual results. (more…)