Many people worldwide love using Google Calendar to manage their schedules and appointments. However, Google Calendar does leave room for improvements. Additional tools and customizations can take this calendar from adequate to amazing. (more…)

If you want to start a successful tour business, you probably realized that it’s hard to know how to even start. The first requirement of starting any business is that you have a passion for it. If you don’t, it’s so much harder to commit and make it happen. If you want to learn how to start a tour company, it’s vital that you have a passion for travel. Learning about new activities, destinations and vacation spots should excite you. (more…)

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Here’s the situation you find yourself in.

You have a website that you want to optimize so that you can accept appointments automatically through it.

Not only that, but all that involves scheduling an appointment: picking a certain time slot in your calendar, syncing that booking calendar with Google Calendar, accepting payments, and having everything organized in one place.

That sounds complicated once you think about all the intricacies that it involves.

And that is true.

Unless you’re using a WordPress booking system to help you out.


Online businesses and all businesses, in general, have become more and more aware of the importance of having good software to provide flawless services for their customers. One of the more important services that a business can offer to clients online is an Online Appointment Scheduling System. These allow customers to make appointments and bookings on the go, whether it be through mobile or desktop, or on another device. (more…)